Eyeing ‘I' is the main mantra!!!
Guess it's a Warfield! But how would you define that? Warfield in case of Life? Love? Work? Relations? Doesn't that all succumb together to form one whole factor as a field for war. But who is the opponent here? With whom have you been fighting? How well have you been fighting? What instruments have you been using? Aren't you getting bored of the too many strategic warfares? Have you ever asked these questions to yourself? If not, ask them now and get it answered. No one, except you, can best answer them.

While writing for the section Memoirs – about a travel or event related experience of my life, what could have been better than describing my way in the big game called – LIFE? As for me, the war field was already set the moment I gained senses. It was difficult; mastering the art of fighting everyday was even harsher. Rudely, I learnt it and I am still learning it. Probably, one learns this art till the last day of leaving aside the breath. Family, friends, foes, peers, bosses, acquaintances – they all helped in mastering this ever growing ‘Warfield tactics'. With bounds unlimited, thoughts unwrapped, desires flung open, dreams set out, instincts put forward – I learnt how to minimize the rate of a ‘strange liquid coming out of my eyes'. I tried not to let my eyes swell with this ‘liquid' at times when the Warfield was all fuming.

Efforts did pay off at times, but mostly I was zapped, not being able to set the limit for the horizon. The strange liquid was mostly witnessed by only "I", "me" and "myself". Probably that's what coined up the ‘stone' in me – gathering all pace to laugh always although the strange liquid tried to gush out. Here, I stand the winner!

Life, love, work, relations – all of you have made me what I am, who I am! For the good part of me, thanks to all the ‘strange liquid' and for the bad part in me, thanks to the ‘stone man' in my life. I couldn't help it… I also realized the canvas of life needs to be made colorful; otherwise the grey shades might be too much in quantum to overshadow you. I learnt to breathe deep, I also learnt to hide tears, I learnt to pass through the Looooooonnnnnggggggggg tunnel, I learnt to fight back, I learnt not to lean down but walk upright and straight.

Those who are reading this, I wish, you reign supreme to throw away that stone man/woman in your lives! Could you at all guess who the stone man/woman is?

Learn to fight, live to smile - because we are born for it. Check the difference - and I am sure you will (even by 0.5%) by following this.

Contributed by:

Sunanda Roy

Sunanda Roy